GKHPhoto is run by me, and my name is Geir. I started out a hobby photographer when I picked up my father’s old Nikormat SLR when I was about 15. I found it both interesting and fun, and decided it was what I wanted to do. As life progressed, I grew uncertain whether I wanted to be dependent on my passion to give me an income. I decided to start a career doing something else, and simply keep photography as something that would only bring me joy. As time went on, the hobby turned into a side job.

This is my philosophy regarding photography today. I do it because it’s fun. I do it because I love capturing visually interesting scenes from life. I do it because I love the range of stories a single picture can tell.

Today, I mostly do concert photography, but this is due to me being a part of Norway Rock’s photography stab. I also do portraiture jobs, as well as events. All in all I’m an open person who enjoy photography challenges. If there is anything you think I can do for you, don’t hesitate to reach out at gkhphoto (æt) gmail (dått) com.