Personal portrait

Self-presentation is important. Be it on a simple online profile or an important CV for your dream job, a striking portrait makes the viewer stop for a second and take an extra look. A professional portrait instills an inherent sense of trust. It makes an impression beyond the normal selfie everyone sees every day.


Group portrait

There are many reasons to get a photographer to take your group portrait. Besides the fact that a photographer knows what to look for and can organise your group faster, a photographer also has the experience to spot problems before shooting, ensuring that the end result is the best for everyone in the shot.


Events and concerts

Whether you are performing at your own concert, arranging a large banquet or official party, or perhaps you are planning a lavish proposal, having photos from the happening later is not only a great way to look back on sweet memories, but also for promotions and later publications.



Every room needs wall decorations. People have decorated the walls of their homes with art since the stone age. It’s just who we are as humans. If one of your walls feel empty, why not decorate it with a print that looks as good up close as it does at a distance thanks to the high quality paper and print techniques used for fine art?