Services: Personal Portrait



Portraits is one of the most common ways represent ourselves to the world. We have our online profile pictures, we have a portrait in our passports, we use them in our resumes, we send them to friends and families to give our greetings a personal touch, to mention a few. And the look of the portrait matter!

Bosses who get a resume with a dark, hazy, low quality picture of the applicant may not feel the applicant is making the necessary extra effort to stand out and be selected for a job.

People looking for a musician for their wedding doesn’t get the feeling that the artist is serious about their business when they don’t showcase themselves in a professional matter.

I offer personalised portraits where the portrait’s look is adapted to your needs. I can help with ideas to locations, props, and obtaining a certain feel. Reach out to me using the contact form to ask for a price by specifying what kind of portrait you want.