Services: Prints

After 20 years of doing photography it was time I made a selection of my shots available as prints. I have chosen to do this with quality in absolute focus, even though that means affordability takes a hit. My prints are ordered from a professional printing lab using high quality 100% cotton paper from Hahnemühle. The print itself is expensive and a good portion of the cost you pay goes directly to the lab.

I guarantee that your print will be limited edition, meaning you know for certain that your product will be one of a few copies. Legally speaking, Fine Art is defined as 200 copies or less to be considered within that category. My prints are usually limited to 30 copies.

To guarantee authenticity, prints from me comes with a custom ink stamp on the back with my logo, as well as my signature and a number that specifies which edition it is. Every print also has my initials signed on the white frame in one corner, as well as edition number in the other to show that your print is not a run-of-the-mill poster.

Any special requests regarding the prints, like if you want to avoid the edition number and signed initials on the front, reach out to me using the contact form.